Adobe Photoshop 2023 Masterclass – Become Photoshop Expert

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Adobe Photoshop 2023 Masterclass – Become Photoshop Expert, You will learn several Photoshop techniques from this course to become a pro at Adobe Photoshop 2023.

Greetings, everyone

My name is Faizan, and I’m an experienced video editor and Graphic Designer. Video editing & Graphics Designing has been my profession since 2012. As a teacher, it is my goal to help others learn video editing and graphic design.

If You Want To Learn Various Mask & Selection Techniques, Text Effects, Stunning Manipulation And More This Course Are For You. In This Course, You Will Learn The Advanced Techniques of Photoshop 2023.

I Design This Course For Self Thought Students. You Will Learn These Techniques By Watching This Course And By Performing tasks.

For This Course, I Will Use Photoshop 2023 Version.

I Explained Every Tiny Detail Step By Step and Make it Easy For You So You Can Catch up With Me.

In This Course You Will Learn the:

Selection Techniques:

  • How to Remove the Subject.
  • How to Remove the Background.
  • How to Remove Blemishes.
  • Masking Glass Objects.
  • Color Range Masking.
  • Camera Raw Mask & Healing Tool.
  • 3 Different Ways to Remove Sky.
  • Object Selection Tool

Transform Controls:

  • You will Learn expand the background, Without affecting the subject.
  • You Will Learn to Make Interesting Graphics with New Anchor Points.

Neural Filter:

  • Colorize Old Classic Pictures Even One Colored or Black and White Pictures.
  • Add a Fake Depth of Field that Look so Real.
  • Make Skin Smooth That Reduce Pimples, Blemishes and Even Remove Them After.
  • Match Subject Color with background Using Neural Filter That Merges Subject With Background.
  • Transfer a Layer Color to Other Layer.
  • Turn a Winter Landscape into Summer or Even Summer to Winter Landscape.

3D Materials:

  • Create Background Using Latest Feature Which is 3D Materials.

Perspective Editing:

  • Clone Object in Perspective.
  • Place Text on Stairs, Walls, or Even on the Floor in Perspective.
  • Cast Stunning Light in Perspective.
  • Cast Realistic Shadow in Perspective.
  • Cast Object Reflection in Perspective.
  • Place the Object on a Background in Perspective That Looks Realistic.
  • Use Perspective Warp to Place Text on Different Things.

Text Effects:

  • Create a Stunning Metallic Text Effect.
  • Understanding the Difference Between Fill and Opacity to Create Trendy Text.
  • Create Different Text Effects Using Smart Object.
  • Create Different Two Styles of Glass Text Effect
  • Create Two Different Styles of Glow Text Effects:
  • Neon Glow Text Effect
  • Dark Glow Text Effect
  • Create Two Different Styles of Cartoonish Text Effects.

Clipping Mask:

  • Cast Shadow and Light Using Clipping Mask and Adjustment Layers.
  • Create a Glass Effect using a Clipping Mask and Different Combinations of Layer Styles.


  • Create Eye-Catching Mockup.

Define Pattern:

  • Place Object Randomly Using Pattern


  • Animate Short Video.

Product Placement:

  • Remove the Product Background Use its Original Shadow and Place it on a New Background.

Brush Tool:

  • Define your Own Brush and Use Different Brushes to Create a Mind-blowing Heavy Rain Detailed Photo Manipulation.

Adjustment Layers:

  • Turn Day to Night Zombie Style Photo Manipulation Using Only Adjustment Layers.

Youtube Thumbnail:

  • Create Stunning Thumbnail For Youtube

This course will help you become a pro in Photoshop.

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