Pet Business – Learn everything to develop your business.

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Pet Business – Learn everything to develop your business., Business, target audience, MVP, costs, break-even, sales funnel, strategy, business management and more.

My name is Melina and today I want to talk about my new Pet Business course.

When you think back to your childhood, is there a warm and fuzzy memory of a four-footed or winged companion in whom you confided your deepest secrets? Do you gaze into pet-store windows and vicariously tickle the puppies under the chin? Or have you ever considered buying a sweater for your horse, some galoshes for your cat, or some Armor All for your armadillo? If so, then you understand what it means to be a pet lover-and that’s probably why you’re interested in starting a career in the pet-care industry.

Did you know that pet owners spend nearly $75 billion a year on their pets?

Pets are treasured by the pet owners as much as their kids. Keeping these speechless creatures healthy and happy is their primary concern. Why not capitalize on some of that spending with a pet store of your own? If you love pets and are looking for a small business, a pet store might be right for you.

You will find objectives lessons about several topics:

Pet Business

Target Market

Running a business

Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Dog Training and Pet Grooming

Pet food, treats and upscale pet products

Startup costs and sales

What is MPV?

How to Write a Perfect Business Plan?

Break Even Point

Canvas and SWOT Analysis – Business Strategy Skills

What is a Sales Funnel?

Strategies for Better Time Management

and much more.

So do not hesitate – gain gold skills in creating your own pet business.

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