The Psychology Of Persuasion & Influence

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The Psychology Of Persuasion & Influence, Master Persuasion Psychology | Perfect Your Communication & Influence Skills For Exceptional Success.

Many believed that persuasion and influence were natural gifts that some people had, whilst others simply didn’t. Whilst it is true that some people are naturally good persuaders and excellent communicators, that doesn’t mean it can’t be taught.

This course will teach you all the communication and persuasion skills necessary to influence anybody. Some may argue that it is unethical to persuade people for personal gain, but that is only the case if it is done with bad intentions at heart. Persuasion can build empathy, can better the relationships you have with those around you, and can get you to places and experiences in life you once only dreamt of.

After a brief introduction with the course expert, Phillip Hesketh, you will learn the key concepts of human behaviour including the seven psychological drivers, the mechanics of conversation, first impressions and opinion formation.

Persuasion and influence are useless unless you can gauge how the other person is feeling. That is why reading body language is so important when applying communication and persuasion skills.

As well as learning how to deal with difficult people, you will also be taught about the universality of persuasion – specifically, how you can use it at work as well as at home. Hesketh explains that companies and relationships follow the same course, and can be improved in a similar way using the right persuasive psychological techniques.

The course will finish off with a general overview of how you can get on better with everyone. Concepts such as trust building, linear probing and empathy are covered in extensive detail, giving you the right tools to become a master in business communication and steer your life in the direction you want.

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