Self-Coaching Essentials: Empower Your Inner Coach

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Self-Coaching Essentials: Empower Your Inner Coach, Your life is the most important business you will ever have.

Exclusively You is offering you all the tools in one course to become your own coach who can confidently build on what is great and navigate life.

You will apply successful and timeless business strategy and coaching concepts and practices to your personal and professional live to develop your Ikigai, your life purpose and a strategic plan for achieving your goals.

Performing a holistic analysis will provide you with the accurate self-image needed to progress. Building on that, you will prioritize your problems, tasks and activities, track your progress, and evaluate your success. Business tools such as the TOWS analysis, M.O.S.C.oW., agile project management and D.O.W.N.T.I.M.E. will help you analyse external end internal factors that may impact your success in order to make informed decisions about your personal and professional pursuits just like in a successful business.

By the end of the course, your will feel more confident in your ability to self-manage and enhance your potential to reach fulfillment. You will get happier and better equipped to handle any challenges that come your way with your  own uniquely designed resilience framework. We know you can do this. What are you waiting for?

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