12 Bright Ideas Personal Trainers Can Teach Their Clients

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12 Bright Ideas Personal Trainers Can Teach Their Clients, Explain difficult concepts to clients in cool, unique ways starting today!

In this course, Personal Trainer and Author Ron Betta unleashes 12 of his favorite tips for clients.  Learn how to explain complicated concepts in ways that will excite your clients and allow them to really grasp the meaning.  From core training to fat loss, Ron shares some ideas and concepts that will allow you to reach out and really message your clients in a way you may not have used before.  Best of all, in this course, you will start to see how you can talk to your clients in ways that work for them.  For example, if a client is looking to lose weight and they are work in a bank, you can explain concepts like calories in and calories out just like their checking account.  Money in and money out.  Where’s the balance?  Do they have more money at the end of the day or less?  In working with your clients like this, they will start to better understand and internalize the information you are sharing.  This will lead to better results as they recognize the complicated information we share in simple, easy to get pieces.

Ron is committed to helping you learn more, get more out of working with your clients and improve your business.  While this course is for Personal Trainers, it can really be used by anyone seeking an increase in their fitness level as the concepts Ron explains are easy to understand and take complex info and break them down.  Keep in touch with Ron via Facebook, LinkedIn and more!

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