How to Become a Great Listener

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How to Become a Great Listener, Listen effectively to gain trust, earn respect, and improve relationships.

The need for effective listening has never been greater. Pace of life, and obsession with outcomes, and genuine concern for our own interests and performance all conspire to degrade our ability to listen properly.

Perhaps you have to listen well as part of your job, or you want to give full attention to your children and loved ones, or maybe you simply want to do better in life. This powerful course will help you do all of these things and more.

Make your communications work better with the tips and exercises in this course.

Listening is an underrated skill. It is the most important aspect of effective communication and ‘First seek to understand’ is a sound guiding principle.

Effective listening is a dynamic and unfolding process. It helps you to build rapport, which in turn helps the speaker to clarify their thinking. Engaging this way also enables you to understand their message and their intentions more fully.

This course includes:

  • The benefits you can expect when you improve your listening
  • How your listening attitude is the route to success
  • The things that obstruct effective listening
  • A personal skills inventory for self-assessment
  • What makes a good listener
  • A five-point framework for effective listening
  • Reading list; titles to help you continue your study
  • A Course Completion Certificate for CPD purposes.

How do you feel when someone really pays attention and listens to you? Most of us really appreciate that another person takes the care and attention

When you listen fully by giving another person your undivided attention you demonstrate the highest form of respect. This means that they can then reciprocate with respect for you.

Effective listening skills seem obvious but it is unusual to find people who have really perfected them in themselves. As you develop your listening skills you will distinguish yourself and appear more self-assured and confident. You will also be able to build more positive, collaborative and productive relationships.

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