Technical Analysis from Scratch

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Technical Analysis from Scratch, Start Earning a Consistent Income Today!

This game changing course on “Technical Analysis from Scratch – Start Earning a Consistent Income!” is for the absolute beginner. It is meant to help you understand technical analysis quickly! Not only will it help you build strong foundations, but you should also be able to earn a side or full-time income.

History repeats itself so therefore we must dive into the past by studying the technical charts to predict the future. This course will help you predict the upcoming movement in prices.

The “Technical Analysis from Scratch ” will teach you:

1. How to be successful when trading stocks, currencies, gold, and even cryptocurrencies

2. How to Read, Understand & Create Japanese Candlestick and Candlestick charts.

3. What is Support & Resistance?

4. How to draw Support & Resistance Points to buy at the correct time.

5. What are uptrends and downtrends?

6. Price movement patterns. What are retracements?

7. What are the commonly used indicators? How to use them to further refine your trading skills and start making consistent profits?

Learning from an expert reduces your learning curve drastically which will save you a lot of time and effort. This course filters out the noise and clutter and gives you the most important tools you need to succeed in the marketplace.

I am glad you have enrolled into this course. I want you to know that I am available for you so whenever you need me, just send me a message through the Udemy message board and I will reply quickly.

I want to reach out and explain my ideas and concepts to help make everyone understand that trading does not have to be complicated & stressful. It can be easy & fun! So, join me on this short journey and let us explore the world of trading together!

So, lets get started… I wish you the best of luck and a warm welcome!

Shakir Elahi

*Note* – The custom-built indicators/tools used in some videos are not a downloadable part of the course. They are meant only to show students that the concepts presented can indeed make trading easier and highly profitable.

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