Art Challenge – Finding Inspiration in Nature

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Art Challenge – Finding Inspiration in Nature, New Ways to finally get inspired!

Are you afraid of “just not being creative (enough)?

When you finally sit down and have the time and leisure of being creative you stare at a blank canvas you simply don’t know what to draw and you definitely don’t feel inspired … by anything!
Wouldn’t it then be great to go to a place where you are easily challenged to be inspired? Sometimes it’s not “just” about getting prompts to start drawing but you need a little extra – maybe someone who takes your hand and draws a picture of a special situation you can then see in front of your inner eye, feel, smell and then, well, draw.

And that’s where the “Art Challenge – Finding inspiration in Nature” class comes into play. In this class I challenge you with different drawing ideas. I ask you to take on a dog’s perspective, to zoom in and out and see the world with different eyes. But that’s not all.

This class also gives you different tasks, pictures, color palettes and prompts – all in all a full dose of inspiration!

Once you’ve taken the class you’ll find new ways to get inspired just by taking on a new perspective. You are challenged to see things differently!

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