Production & Operations Management

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Production & Operations Management, Manufacturing process| Network Analysis| Break Even Point Analysis| optimization| JIT| Quality| Production| Operations|.

If there is any activity that directly affects a business, it is production. As a matter of fact, most of the businesses began their thought processes through the production concept. It is true that every function required to be performed by an organization conducting business needs to be done efficiently and effectively if the aim of the organization is to grow and prosper.

The intense levels of competition have resulted in the need to perform every activity in a very systematic and professional manner with the sole aim of enhancing returns to all stake holders. Production or operations is one such function and is considered to be the second most important function in an organization – next only to marketing. Marketing brings in business through promises made to customers and Production Management fulfils those promises, and hence the importance of production cannot be overemphasized.

The function of a production manager is to ensure the utilization of resources in the most efficient and effective manner. To achieve success in this function, he / she must plan every activity extremely meticulously, not just at the macro level, but also at the micro level. This planning has to start right from the stage of deciding not just how to produce, but also where to produce, how much to produce, where to store, as well as other related activities.

This course takes the learner on a study tour about the functions of the production manager, the process of selecting an appropriate location for a manufacturing unit, and appropriate placement of men, machinery and equipment within the manufacturing unit. The course also covers the aspects of procuring the right quantity of material and at the right time for use in production, efficient storage of material, and the appropriate placement of machines to achieve the desired production levels.

The learner also gets to understand the various models for minimization / optimization of processing time, and the proper utilization of resources for minimizing costs. The importance of the consistency of product quality and the concept of zero customer defection is adequately covered. The learner also learns the importance of proper maintenance of machinery for achieving consistency in the product quality as well as production levels The course concludes with the learner being taken on a short tour of the modern productivity enhancement concepts like JIT and the use of robots (automation).

What are the Requirements for Production Management Course?

– Basic knowledge of Production Management Terms
– Experience in this field will be helpful , although it is not required as all the concepts of Production Management will be taught from scratch.

What am I going to get from this Production Management Course?

– Many hours of content to understand in detail about production management.
– Get the Elementary knowledge of Manufacturing processes
– Learn about Network Analysis
– Get to know what is Break Even Point Analysis

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