5 steps to start an online business

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5 steps to start an online business, Actionable steps to start a solo or small business online, for digital beginners.

I’ll guide you through launching your small or solo online business in five straightforward steps:

  1. Research and Inspiration: Discover great business ideas and define your target audience.
  2. Creation: I’ll recommend user-friendly web builders for your website, complete with easy-to-use features like drag-and-drop and AI capabilities. We’ll delve into content strategies, including sales funnels, lead magnets, newsletters, blog posts, and even simple visual creation tools.
  3. Edit: This brief step introduces beginner-friendly editing tools.
  4. Publish: Explore various social media platforms to find the best fit for your business.
  5. Promote: Dive into organic social media content, Meta ads, and SEO strategies to spread the word.

If you’re unsure about navigating the digital world, this is a path you can follow to run your online business. You don’t have to be a tech expert or have a big budget. A few easy-to-use tools and some basic knowledge in marketing, content strategy, and lead generation are all you really need to get started. Learn as you go, and build your skills along the way.

This guide combines essential insights from my education in media tech and design, years of experience in media monitoring and digital marketing, and over a year of hands-on testing with AI tools. It also includes what I’ve learned from launching my own business and all the books and courses that got me here. I hope you find it valuable!

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