NodeJS in Action

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NodeJS in Action, Complete course to learn Node.JS with integrated with Elasticsearch, Redis, AngularJS, Yeoman, Grunt, PassportJS, etc…

As you know, Javascript popularity increased tremendously last couple of years. One of the biggest reason is NodeJS. This course aims to teach NodeJS and third party applications from zero to expert level. You will not just learn Hello World project, you will learn What is BlockingNon-Blocking I/OEvent Loop Mechanism, how is node.js used in real life by interacting other popular technologies and modules like;

Elasticsearch: You will cover Elasticsearch basics, how to use this in order to provide full text search mechanism to your application.

MongoDB: Store your data in to db, and make json queries to this document based database

PassportJS: You will also learn PassportJS to construct authentication system in your application. You will be able to restrict some endpoints by using internal PassportJS properties

ExpressJS: During this course, you will develop complete two web applications. ExpressJS is for developing controllers, communicate this controllers with views, and provide some db interactions by using ORM frameworks like MongooseJS

IronCache: Do you want to make your application faster? You can cache your data to IronCache (Cache as a service) in this lecture also

IronMQ: You will be able to use message queue system by using IronMQ in NodeJS.

SocketIO: Converting your application into realtime application

Well, you will do full stack development in this course. That means, you will be able to develop frontend application with AngularJS by Yeoman, Grunt, Bower. This forntend application will communicate with rest service devloped in this course again.

Yeoman: You will be generating your frontend application with this

Grunt: Your application tasks will be managed and executed by using Grunt

Bower: Tired of using lots of third party js frameworks and deal with conflict, let Bower do that for you

After completing two beautiful application, you will deploy your application into Heroku.

I can give guarantee about becoming expert in NodeJS and related technologies by taking this course. We will do lots of best practices about each technology, and develop examples progressively. Also, at the end of each section, you will be provided Quiz for specific section. Although, this course is a complete reference to NodeJS and related technologies, you can require extra video tutorials for any topic related to NodeJS in order to clearify question marks in your mind. I will publish them in Wishes section.

If you ready to become a NodeJS expert, join this course!

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