Next.js 14 Event Booking Application

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Next.js 14 Event Booking Application, Build a real-time Event Booking App with latest and cutting-edge technologies Next JS , MongoDB , Clerk Auth , Next UI.

Hello, Welcome to the courseĀ Next.js 14 Event Booking App

Certainly, I’d be happy to elaborate on the features included in the Next JS v14 Event Booking Application 2023 course.

  1. Create a new Next.js app and understand the folder structure: Begin by setting up a Next.js application, gaining a comprehensive understanding of its folder organization to ensure a solid foundation for development.
  2. Implement authentication, authorization, and protected routes: Secure your application by incorporating robust authentication and authorization mechanisms, and establish protected routes to control access to different parts of the app based on user roles.
  3. Connect our Next.js app to MongoDB: Integrate MongoDB as the database for your Next.js application, ensuring seamless communication and efficient data storage.
  4. A user with admin access will be able to create, edit, and delete new events: Grant administrative users the capability to manage events by creating, modifying, or removing them, providing full control over the event management process.
  5. Once an event is created, it will be available to end users for booking: Enable events to be immediately accessible for booking by end users upon creation, fostering a streamlined and user-friendly booking experience.
  6. End users can view all available events in the portal and book events by paying online using the Stripe payment gateway: Enhance user experience by presenting a comprehensive list of available events, and facilitate online bookings with secure payments through the integration of the Stripe payment gateway.
  7. End users can view their booked events after booking: Allow end users to conveniently track and view the events they have booked, providing transparency and easy access to their event history.
  8. Admin can view all user bookings: Provide administrators with a centralized view of all user bookings, facilitating efficient management and oversight of the booking system.
  9. Admin can cancel bookings and release tickets based on end user requests: Empower administrators to respond to end user requests by canceling bookings and releasing tickets when necessary, ensuring flexibility and customer satisfaction.
  10. Admin can view reports for every event, such as the number of tickets sold and the revenue collected, etc.: Enable administrators to access comprehensive reports for each event, including key metrics such as ticket sales and revenue, allowing for informed decision-making and event performance analysis.
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