The Essential Guide to Microsoft 365 Copilot for Office

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The Essential Guide to Microsoft 365 Copilot for Office, Get the Maximum out of your Copilot: Work Faster, Better and with more Fun!

Microsoft 365 Copilot for the Office Suite is the latest step of Microsoft to making your work in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Teams easier – by integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Copilot is the perfect assistant for you and helps you:

  1. Generate Word Texts, Emails or Presentations faster: let Copilot write for you!
  2. Takes the fear of the empty page away – it just creates text for you
  3. Do your work better: being your sparring partner in achieving your business goals.

Copilot – much better than ChatGPT

Copilot is different from other AI tools like ChatGPT, because it bases its answers/help on all the knowledge it has through all the Microsoft products: your Emails, the project data, Excel files with the important numbers, whatever is needed to complete the task at hand.

Start today using the power of AI in your 365 Office suite – the time you invest in this class saves you lots of time working boring tasks like analysing Excel files of searching lost information in your emails 😉

Why me as your teacher?

I work intensively with Claude 2 in our online marketing agency and am also involved in a funded university project in Munich where we use AI to improve a analysis software.

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