Coaching As A Mentor

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Coaching As A Mentor, Master And Refine Your Mentoring Skills To Inspire And Motivate Mentees.

Sometimes, teaching isn’t enough to get somebody to learn something new. The learning process needs to be more personal, and the teacher needs to be more inspirational and motivating. This is what mentoring is – personal teaching with style and flair.

In this course, you will learn everything you need to know to become a successful mentor who can set achievable goals and convey information in an engaging manner to push their mentee to new strengths. Over the course’s eight lectures, not only will you build a skillset that places you leagues above the average mentor, but you will also develop a sound mindset that tackles confidence issues that may be holding you back.

By helping you build trust with a mentee, and set helpful boundaries to cultivate a healthy working atmosphere, you will get the most out of your mentor-mentee relationship, allowing the both of you to thrive in your respective roles. You will also learn how to motivate your mentee in the right way, build their confidence and inspire them to strive for better. Most importantly, you will learn how to set achievable goals using the SMART model which, when paired with a bespoke mentor roadmap, will allow you to monitor both your and your menteeā€™s growth with ease.

This course isn’t just about mentoring, it’s about improving your relationship with learning in general, regardless of whether you are the teacher or the student. So, if you’re ready to step into the shoes of a mentor that wins mentees’ trust and helps them reach their potential, enrol today!

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