Reparent Your Busy Thoughts

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Reparent Your Busy Thoughts, Love to Your Intrusive Thoughts and Feelings.

You are about to embark on a beautiful journey to inner peace. It may sound easier said than done, but Dr. Hannah Alila Joharchi will walk you through ways to feel more aligned and authentically you. Address Intrusive Thoughts and Feelings with Full Acceptance and Gentleness.

-Learn about your intrusive thoughts.

-Recognize what comes up for you.

-Tend to your thoughts differently.

You’re about to learn a whole new way to approach those hurtful thoughts.

Those thoughts that keep you up at night or the feelings surging through your body will no longer control the ship. You are not weird or odd with these thoughts and feelings. You are certainly not alone if you continue to be one of your own worst critics. There are five main approaches to addressing your internal chaos that can help you live a more balanced, gentler life. Dr. Joharchi has utilized these strategies in her clinical practice and finds them people going through all sorts of internal sufferings.

Dr. Joharchi will go over what’s behind intrusive thoughts and what can be done to notice them. She will use her years of experience with patients from all over the world to support you in recovering from these looping, painful thoughts in order to be able to recognize what comes up for you in your body and spirit. Her combination of gentleness and skill in the field of psychology will help you transform the way you tend to your thoughts no longer needing to stuff and push them away to only have them pop back up just hours, minutes, or seconds later. This course was designed for people who have been told to change or ignore their thoughts and feelings and know there’s more to life than squeezing away thoughts. This course was tailored especially for you who wants to try something different in order to tenderly address your most scary or hurtful thoughts in a gentle way.

Reparent Your Busy Thoughts
Reparent Your Busy Thoughts
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