Feminist Peer Support

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Feminist Peer Support, Mental Health, Peer Support.

Taking cognizance of the stigma and socio-cultural barriers to seeking mental health support in the country and the looming mental health crisis, peer support models of mental health can provide an opportunity to make mental healthcare more accessible, address the discomfort that inherent power dynamic that accompanies consulting with mental health professionals, and contribute to better mental health outcomes for all. Additionally, bringing a feminist lens to the peer support model requires us to examine our own intersectional identities and privileges and how they shape our experiences. It encourages us to recognise and acknowledge the interconnectedness of socioeconomic, cultural, and political factors that contribute to one’s mental health and helps us improve our role as peer support providers.

We will start right at the basics and begin by understanding the meaning and framework of peer support and exploring a feminist approach to peer support by delving deeper into concepts such as intersectionality and privilege. We will then move on to explore the various skills that a peer support provider employs, with examples of mental health-related concerns.

Through this course, learners will be able to:

  1. Understand the meaning and framework of peer support, its history, and its foundational principles
  2. Adopt a feminist approach to peer support by examining their own intersectional identities and privilege
  3. Explore mental health from an intersectional lens
  4. Learn about the skills needed to provide peer support, such as rapport building, active listening, and creating a safe space
  5. Recognise the value of setting boundaries and practising self-care

This course is brought to you by One Future Collective. One Future Collective is a feminist social purpose organisation with a vision of a world built on social justice, led by communities of care. We fight for the right of each person to live a life of safety, dignity and belongingness by catalysing people-power and building just institutions.

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