Level 1 Cosmic Consciousness – Starseed Awakening

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Level 1 Cosmic Consciousness – Starseed Awakening, REDISCOVER – REALIGN-REBIRTH.

This enlightening, self-paced course helps you to reconnect to your starry origins and rediscover your soul purpose.


2 powerful stages to unveil your starry origins.


  • 5 uplifting stages to finding your soul purpose.
  • 8 secret stages of ‘Awakening’.


  • 5 illuminating light code activations to instantly raise your vibration to 5D.

You will receive a series of video tutorials, Starseed homeplay sheets and guided meditations to facilitate a successful vibrational shift onto the New Earth timeline. Once aligned to the Earth’s oversoul you will be fully supported and protected by the Divine Love of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Here is a recent testimonial:

“The last 11 days have involved the integration of more expansion than all my past Earth days put together. I expected to hit a wall of rejection, but it hasn’t happened yet. I’m in a process of setting down the story of the little me, I feel the tearing and even when I use the word “I” now to refer to myself, I really mean “we”. I am stepping away from the labels, roles, and stories of Cassie, but I am aware there will be a vacuum that will try and fill that space with other layers of story.” Adrian

Level 1 Cosmic Consciousness – Starseed Awakening
Level 1 Cosmic Consciousness – Starseed Awakening
Free $19.99
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