Free Meditations for Calmness and Inner Peace

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Free Meditations for Calmness and Inner Peace, Return to Your Centre.

In this increasingly stressful times, it is so easy to feel overwhelmed, with our life spinning out of control.  Or maybe our lives are so busy filled with doing “stuff” for other people that we end up having little, if any time, for ourselves.

As a teacher of metaphysics and meditation, I know only too well how difficult life can appear to be when we are fighting an uphill battle.  I say “appear to be” because, regardless of what we may think or feel, we do not have control over our lives.

We can regain this control by coming back to the centre of our being, regaining our sense of self.  And the easiest, and most effective way of doing this is through meditation and breathwork.

In this free course, I offer a number of meditations that will help guide you back to your centre, back to your sense of self, back to the core of your being.  Once there, you will be able to embrace your life with a new perspective, re-enforce your boundaries and regain more control over your own life.

In order to be able to give and support others, you need to first be able to give and support yourself.

These meditations are a gift for you.  I hope you will enjoy them.

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