Design a Mindfulness and Meditation Practice That Suits You

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Design a Mindfulness and Meditation Practice That Suits You, Use Mindfulness to Meditate: the crossroads of mindfulness and meditation for practical living.

Mindfulness? Meditation? Are they one-in-the same or different things entirely? Let’s explore this together. Join us in learning how using mindfulness can you help you meditate. Try the class or book a session today!

Higher Awareness

Want to have greater and more sensible intuition? Do you want to be more in touch with what’s going on within yourself and others? Mindfulness and Meditation will allow you to reach your own highest capacity.

Self Compassion, Acceptance and Love

It’s what we all deserve and shall grant ourselves everyday. We are worthy. In loving and accepting ourselves we allow others to do the same.

Agile Mind, Body and Spirit

There are a variety of mindfulness and meditation techniques. We will explore some of them and craft a practice that suits your lifestyle. We will adapt your practice to suit your needs.

Once we take inventory of ourselves we can know where we are. We can observe our status. Whatever that it is, it is acceptable. And when/if we wish, we may cultivate a more relaxed, receptive and tranquil state.

It is important to meet ourselves as we are. Origins Meditation by Origins Unity LLC offers a unique approach to doing so. By assessing your current status, energy level and desired outcome – you may select the most appropriate meditation technique or alter your particular practice to meet your more immediate needs.

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