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Triangles, Basic knowledge related to triangles.

Triangles topic in math is vast. In this course you will study about basics of triangles. Following topics will be in the course -:

* First of all Introduce yourself to triangles(Basic introduction of triangles)

* Study about scalene triangle

* Learn about isosceles triangle

* Get to know about equilateral triangle

* what is an acute angled triangle ?

* What is obtuse angled triangle ?

* What is a right angled triangle ?

* What is a Median and Medians in different types of triangles

* What is an altitude

* Study about altitudes of an acute angled triangle and scalene triangle

*  Altitudes of right angled triangle and isosceles triangle

*  Altitudes of obtuse angled triangle and equilateral triangle

*  What is an exterior angle of a triangle and  Lear about exterior angle property of a triangle

*  various kinds of an exterior angles in a triangle

*  Basic property of triangle – Angle Sum property of a triangle

*  Equilateral triangle

* Important property related to the sum of lengths of a two sides of triangle

*  Isosceles triangle

*  Right angled triangle

* What is Pythagoras theorem

After studying lectures in this course, one will be good to dive more deep into triangles topic. Just basic course to give you basic knowledge of triangles. Feedbacks are also welcomed. Thank you !!

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