Math Numbers and Patterns

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Math Numbers and Patterns, Wonders of Mathematics and Designs Hidden in Nature.

The intention of this short course named “Math Numbers and Patterns” is to ignite the hidden curiosity in a person to learn and apply Mathematics to analyze the nature around us in a new way. Before that, a sound knowledge of numbers is necessary to understand the nature around us.

This course begins with describing different number types, such as natural numbers, integers, decimals, rational numbers, complex numbers and move on to describe special types such as Happy Number, Perfect Number and Primes.
Next, constants are defined and discussed. Some of the widely used constants, namely Pi, Euler’s Constant, Dirac Notation, Apery’s Constant etc. are described with examples and specific applications.

As the students grow the ability to analyze, various natural patterns are displayed which are formed of using numbers and Mathematical series. Topics such as how broccoli, shell, sunflower, various objects, plants even the galaxy around us follow specific Mathematical patterns are highlighted in the later videos.

These natural shapes, objects and lives around us assist in igniting the hidden curiosity among the students to learn more about numbers and Math. Curiosity is essential to realize how God has perfectly designed and implemented the nature around and above us.

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