Why Writing A Website Feels So Hard..And what To do About It

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Why Writing A Website Feels So Hard..And what To do About It, This 3 step method will make writing websites quick, easy and FUN.

Join over 10,000 students from 20+ countries worldwide taking my courses today!

“Elle knows her stuff she makes writing my website very easy and very fun I am enjoying the course so much and and with every new lecture I feel more ready to write my new website.” Kenz S

The biggest mistake you can make when trying to write your website is thinking you can just grab a coffee, open your laptop… and the inspiration will magically appear.

News flash: That doesn’t even work for the world’s best copywriters.

If you carry on doing it this way, you’ll still be in overwhelm-paralysis in 3 weeks, maybe even 3 months.

Wasting time by getting your business out there. Wasting money by not bringing in clients. Driving yourself crazy in the process.

Getting started on your website feels so hard because there are 3 things you need to do before you can start to write. In this course you’re going to find out what they are, and how to tick them off the list.

So you’ll feel clear, confident and FINALLY feel ready to write.

In these videos we cover:

My unique B.A.M method:

  • Brand: How to find your voice & writing style. Developing your ‘stand-out brand statement’
  • Audience: 5 things you need to know about your audience before you can write for them. The copywriting secret that allows you to reflect your reader’s thoughts in your words
  • Mapping: What webpages do you need? What’s the main action? How to take your website visitor on a journey

It’s time to stop staring at the blank screen and clicking on youtube tutorials, thinking inspiration will strike.  And start taking the action that’ll get your website live.

Click the “Take this course ” button NOW and change your business forever.

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