Secret Guerrilla Marketing Tips For Personal Trainers

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Secret Guerrilla Marketing Tips For Personal Trainers, Don’t let the small minds around you keep you down! You can grow your business in any market and stun the competition.

Wondering how you can expand your presence in the gym and set yourself apart from other Trainers? Do you face an uphill challenge, working with experienced Trainers or are you just starting out and need to know how to attract more business? In this course, Ron Betta shares 10 of his top secrets to make a name for yourself in the gym. No matter your experience level or current situation, you can set yourself apart from the rest of the Personal Trainers in your gym and really reach more people.

Stand out from the crowd with unique techniques and creative ideas that really get attention. Learn how to work with others who can help drive traffic towards you. From local businesses to radio shows, you will get relevant information you can use immediately to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

Since 2002, Ron has been training clients in large and small fitness settings. During that time, he went from being a new Trainer in a large club with experience Trainers around him to one of the top Trainers in his division in only a few months. From flyers to seminars, Ron has developed these techniques to help himself – and how you as you work to expand and grow your business.

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