Marketing Mix Modeling for Beginners

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Marketing Mix Modeling for Beginners, Get started with Marketing Mix Modeling. Learn the fundamentals and get all the tools needed to start.

How well are you spending your marketing budget?

It’s really hard to answer that question these days, especially with the demise of 3rd party cookies.

Luckily, there’s a privacy-preserving, time-tested measurement technique that solves this: Marketing Mix Modeling!

Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) allows you to accurately measure your marketing spending and optimally allocate it to the best channels, helping you generate more sales with less spend.

This course is designed for beginners who want to discover MMM. You will learn:

– What Marketing Mix Modeling is

– What data you need for an MMM project

– The step-by-step process to follow for MMM projects

– Simple statistics you can use to reveal insights from your data

– How to measure your marketing investment with MMM

– Complete an MMM project (Data Included!)

We distill 20 years of experience in Marketing Mix Modeling into a practical course that will serve as your introduction to the world of MMM. We offer a balanced mix of theory and practice, allowing you to immediately implement what you learn without sacrificing depth.

MASS Analytics offers a comprehensive MMM software suite supported by a wide range of managed services solutions to help you identify sales drivers, measure MROI and optimize Marketing budgets.

Marketing Mix Modeling for Beginners
Marketing Mix Modeling for Beginners
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