Law of attraction: 21 days of activities

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Law of attraction: 21 days of activities, Care how you feel.

Hii, if you are here it is because like me you want to manifest the life you dream of, but you don’t know how to get there. I will give you the tools to do it, but the work is up to you.

For this journey to work I need you to care about how you feel, if you put yourself in the right vibration you will be able to achieve the life you dream of.

But let’s elaborate a little more, why do you need to worry about how you’re feeling? Because thoughts turn to things, our life is a reflection of who we are, so to create this new life, to create abundance, and all things available in the universe, we must be in the receptive mode, feel before having, your inner being is loving you no matter what.

That said, we now know that the most important thing is how you feel, how can you change that? A great start is to start the day with a 15/20 minute meditation, focus on how you feel, feel something good, happy, joy, love, and focus on that, not on the problems, not on not having it, be grateful, and If you can put yourself on that platform of good, of love, of joy, of happiness, you will see all these incredible things come into your life. We are vibratory beings and everything we have in our lives is a reflection of who we are.

This journey consists of 21 days of activity, 15 minutes of meditation + one activity per day, nothing too complex, something that will help you put yourself in the place you want to be, in total I will need a maximum of 25 minutes of your day .

And remember that nothing is that serious, live your life with joy, love, happiness. Love is such a powerful force, everything you do with love works, start treating yourself with more love.

Law of attraction: 21 days of activities
Law of attraction: 21 days of activities
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