Easy and Interesting Way to Learn Chinese(Free Trial)

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Easy and Interesting Way to Learn Chinese(Free Trial), Based on HSK Lever 1 for Beginners.

Study is a journey. We all need a dependable companion to make it passionate, thrilling and worthy. She’s a guide leading to our destination. She’s a backer supporting us whenever needed. Here I am.

◇This course is based on HSK Level 1. In this course, I will use an intuitive approach to teach one of the most difficult languages to you.

◇It won’t take you much time to remember the six basic simple finals. I will teach you to compose all of Pinyin from them.

◇Chinese has tones. Let’s sing them out. Some tones are always changed. I will let you know the rules to catch them.

So that you could understand Chinese pronunciations well.

◇It’s not so difficult to recognize Chinese characters you learn in each lesson from the beginning. You can even practice writing some of them as it’s an art indeed.

◇What matters the most in Chinese is Order. This Order is the order of phrases in a sentence, the order of words in a phrase and the order of characters in a word. Just like a train. Come on. Let’s arrange the passengers on the train.

◇You will be surprised to find out that studying Chinese is such an easy and interesting process in my course.

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