Process Improvement: Lean out your operation

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Process Improvement: Lean out your operation, Learn how to identify waste within your operations and processes, and how to remove it.

Removing waste from your organisation’s processes is something that is becoming increasingly important. As we move forward, organisations are building more and more processes, all with varying purposes, touching various departments and delivering various products. As these become more complex and organisations grow, these processes have a tendency to become more wasteful. Therefore, having the knowledge of how to amend, improve and secure these processes is a skill becoming vital. If you can deliver such improvements to your organisation’s processes today, you will be viewed upon as someone who can add real value.

In this course, you will learn the about how to deliver process improvement for the purpose of waste identification and reduction, the best process mapping tools available and when these should be deployed. Every process map has a purpose, so this course will show you which one to use when!

We will cover:

– The fundamentals of waste and Lean.

– The 8 types of waste – DOWNTIME.

– The difference between value add and non-value add steps and how to identify these.

– A complete process mapping toolkit, with LIVE demonstrations on how to use each one – with templates attached for those which require it.

– A┬árun through of a real life waste reduction project case study to show you how it should be approached.

At the end of this course, you should have the confidence not only to conduct wide ranging waste reduction projects but also to sell the vision and importance of waste reduction to leaders within your organisation.

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