Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

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Introduction to Lean Six Sigma, Foundation of Quality Management Systems and Continuous Improvement.

This course is an introduction course to lean six sigma and the foundation of quality.


In this course, you will learn key lean six sigma concepts, tools, and techniques.


We will start by defining the quality and reviewing quality management systems.


Then I will introduce the DMAIC framework, how to build process flow, analyze the process, and how to use SIPOC to help you with that.


I will teach you how to use excel to build flowcharts.


In addition, this course contains a brief introduction to project management as it is a good skill to have when applying the DMAIC framework.


You will learn about types of waste and what is non-value-added activity vs value added activity.


This course will equip you with the knowledge to interpret data and statistical analysis and I will teach you different data visualization techniques.


This course is not about crunching numbers, but about learning how to understand and interpret the results, so I will teach you to use the excel Descriptive statistics toolbox to get you started


In addition, you will learn several useful tools to help you brainstorm and prioritize competing objectives.



At the end of the course, I will show you an example of a project and we will complete the project from start to finish together. The project will demonstrate how to apply to lean six sigma tools and techniques in real life.


I am including all templates and materials in this course. You will get

· Project charter template,

· FMEA Template

· Flow diagram

· SIPOC templates


Templates are pre-filled with examples that would make your first steps in six sigma process analysis easier.

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