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Portfolio of 4s, Enable togetherness in your organization or team through a simple number based work system.

I am so excited to share with you this methodology I have discovered and put together! This is the culmination of years of my leadership learning from experts and practical experience in my role as an IT Manager.

The aim of this course if to give you a practical, step by step guide to realize your team or unit or organization’s purpose, mission and vision and align all of your work towards delivering success with others.

One of the main challenges this methodology helps solve is the subjective prioritization of work.

If you’ve been part of a corporate organization you’ve likely overheard or been part of a conflict between people (either big or small) over what work should be done and why theirs is more important.

The problem is typically all parties are right, the work they both are discussing is important.

So how do you decide which comes first, which gets resources, which gets priority?

This methodology will uncover a very simple numerical way to score all of your abilities & processes on a scale from 2-4 based upon the factors you or your organization deems important.

Then we will walk through how to come up with goals to get all of your abilities and processes to a 4, and learn how to score the goals.

What this will leave us with is a clearly ranked order of goals and projects to accomplish based on a numerical value. So although both parties are correct that their work is important now they can clearly align on which will have the most impact upon the portfolio and make a data informed decision.

A great team has both talent with excellent skills and an excellent system, this methodology addresses both of these to enable you and your team or organization to unified greatness!

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