Leadership Foundations and Applications: Servant Leadership

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Leadership Foundations and Applications: Servant Leadership, Essential Leadership Skills and Styles, Leadership Development & Training, Teams Leadership, Management Skills, Styles.

The most comprehensive, researched leadership and management course on Udemy! This course introduces the student to leadership theories, research and practices that will assist the leader or manager in successfully influencing, inspiring, impacting and motivating their teams, peers and bosses (managing up). The 35 years of real-world leadership experience shared will help make your job or ministry more enjoyable, lead to greater results and make you a better leader.  The professor also recently concluded a PhD Doctorate degree specializing solely in Leadership Studies. The speaker shares his knowledge acquired through 7 years of research, reading 100+ books on Leadership and 200+ peer reviewed Journal Articles on Leadership. He has also managed and led teams up to 800 employees across multiple countries and sites. The knowledge and understanding gained will hopefully position the student for career advancement and promotions. The leadership training is based on research and proven results and is one of the most thorough, comprehensive, researched leadership programs available online today. The training shares proven leadership traits, behaviors and characteristics that will lead to immediate and long-term results for the student.

The course will help the student study, reflect, develop and apply successful leadership approaches in all spheres of their lives to assist them on their leadership journey, discover their call, and find meaning in purpose in their job or career.  We will examine, evaluate, and apply more than 20 leadership styles and principles spanning 200 years.  The most recent cutting edge leadership research, the best leadership textbooks and the thousands of leadership self-help books are all boiled down into one exclusive all-encompassing, thorough, crisp, engaging course. You don’t need to take several different topical classes.  This one covers it all!

Students will be enriched and equipped with a thorough leadership overview and history and research on what makes a leader most effective. Numerous definitions will be analyzed and the student will develop their own leadership definition and vision based on the broad and deep span of knowledge gained. The difference between a Manager and Leader will be assessed, and the the Who/What/How’s of Successful Leadership are shared. The student will better be able to influence organizational effectiveness by better understanding both leadership and followership best practices and guidelines.  The lecturer utilizes wisdom from researchers, authors, teachers, lecturers, his own 35 years of practical experience and research, and even shares nuggets from the ancient Greeks and Biblical characters. He also shares engaging personal stories of success and failure to pass on lessons learned.

The seminar covers numerous Leadership styles and approaches dealing with: The Great Man Theory, Position and Power, Scientific Management, Team Leadership, Trait Theory, Behavioral Theory, Skills Theory, Situational and Contingency Theory, Adaptive and Flexible Leadership, Participative and Shared Leadership, Management by Objectives, Path-Goal Theory, LMX Theory, Transformational and Transactional Leadership, Inspirational and Charismatic Leadership, Strategic Leadership, Servant Leadership, Ethical Leadership, Authentic Leadership, Spiritual Leadership, and biblical Servant Leadership.

The wide range of pertinent, practical topics includes: Leader and Follower roles, usage of power, achieving goals and results, preparing a SWOT analysishow to think strategically, how to develop a successful shared vision, when and what to delegate and how to delegate successfully, how to understand your followers and make them more courageous, more productive, and all around better employees. It is also covers how to manage a team and develop team leader roles and behaviors, how to run effective meetings, and manage change proactively, how to communicate effectively, how to manage and impact organizational culture with cultural intelligence, how to develop and train leaders, and utilize a diverse team. The course also addresses how to develop yourself as a leader, and avoid toxic leadership traits, how to be an ethical, authentic leader and deal with ethical dilemma’s as well. I truly believe that you can learn how to be the best, most admired, exemplary leader in your company!

The course has a unique emphasis on the relatively newly researched and effective leadership style called servant leadership. Definitions, traits, guidance and successful practices are shared. Dynamic biblical servant leadership examples are assessed and analyzed. The course also uniquely teaches you how to build your leadership legacy and discover your calling. You win and you help others win by giving of yourself, serving and sharing your wisdom and care with others. Your work matters and the course will help you move from just working at a job for just a paycheck to a successful career and eventually finding and fulfilling your purpose and calling in life and as a leader. Implementation of these proven and researched topics yields more meaning in life, job satisfaction, greater happiness, health and well-being and improved productivity according to the research. The course closes in helping you deal with the loneliness of leadership and not only survive but thrive during times of failure, fear, worry, doubt, challenges and trials.  It also encourages you to dream big and act now!

In addition to receiving new knowledge and understanding to develop your core leadership techniques and apply the numerous leadership approaches you will actively gain wisdom by participating in four rich, productive, results-oriented sessions, and participate in experiential learning during the course.  Questions for each session are supplied to allow the student to further engage and apply knowledge during each sessionPractical and productive resources, exercises, assessments, and articles are also provided including the Leadership Practices Inventory self-assessment, the Leadership Challenge Project, the Leadership Legacy Thermometer self-test, 10+ book reviews from the best leadership books written, and a leadership styles test to help you determine your leadership styles.

I can’t wait to see you in the classroom!

Learning Objectives:

Influence, impact and inspire your team, people and organizations to greater successes.

Examine, evaluate and apply a broad spectrum of leadership styles and principles.

Demonstrate a working knowledge and understanding in various leadership theories and approaches.

Participate in experiential learning activities to apply practical learned concepts.

Learn how to lead an effective team; delegate and empower your team to achieve results and attain goals.

Equip students to utilize various leadership theories, principles, and examples.

Discover and implement a personal motivational leadership vision for the future.

Transform, shape and personalize your unique, God-given skills and abilities.

Become a better leader and manager, and enable greater success wearing both hats.

Learn and apply servant leadership techniques to increase job satisfaction and happiness.

Build a powerful, practical toolkit of leadership behaviors, skills and styles.

Experience peace, hope and joy during times of challenge and trial and worry.

Discover your leadership calling, meaning in your work, and leave a great leadership legacy.

Leadership Foundations and Applications: Servant Leadership
Leadership Foundations and Applications: Servant Leadership
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