Biblical Leadership: What Makes Great Leaders Great

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Biblical Leadership: What Makes Great Leaders Great, The Knowns & Not So Knowns of Disciple Based Leadership As Depicted by Jesus & His Disciples.

Biblical Leadership is a transformative journey that explores the principles and practices of leadership through the lens of biblical teachings. Rooted in the rich wisdom of the Scriptures, this course aims to equip individuals with the essential skills and values needed to lead with integrity, purpose, and compassion.

Students delve into the stories of biblical leaders, extracting timeless lessons that transcend cultural and historical boundaries. Through in-depth study, reflection, and discussion, students gain insights into the distinctive leadership styles, challenges, and triumphs of these biblical figures, drawing parallels to contemporary leadership scenarios.

The course emphasizes the development of key leadership attributes, including servant leadership, humility, vision, and ethical decision-making. Practical applications of biblical principles to modern leadership challenges are explored, fostering a holistic approach that integrates faith and leadership in various contexts.

Engaging Growth Assignments, case studies, and lectures provide a dynamic learning environment where students not only absorb theoretical concepts but also learn to apply them in real-world situations. Biblical Leadership aims to inspire and empower individuals to lead with purpose, guided by the timeless wisdom found in the sacred texts.

Please make sure to check out the sister course entitled Ordination. Once included as a small subsection of Biblical Leadership, Ordination is now its own complete course.

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