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3 EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES TO MANAGE DIFFICULT TEAM MEMBERS, 3 Effective Strategies to Manage Difficult Team Members.

As per the State of the Workplace 2022 report published by Gallup, detachment at work was at 60%, and 19% felt miserable. Such state of affairs is costing organizations by way of lower profits, and 23%, and a staggering $7.8 trillion in lost productivity, equal to 11% of global GDP!

There can be different reasons for this situation, but, in my experience a toxic culture must be one of them. One of the contributing factors is the presence of difficult team members. Therefore, it is vital to deal with such team members in an effective manner.

This course is intended for working professionals who are grappling with the daily challenges of managing teams, especially the difficult team members.

No two people are alike. Each person has different thought processes, and every team will have people who are difficult to manage and work with.  There can be various reasons for a team member to be difficult. It is important to declutter and understand the reasons for the same. Only then can the leader manage such team members.

Vide this course, you will learn the following:

1. Who are difficult team members?

2. Cost of not managing the difficult team members

3. Realities relating to the management of team members, especially the difficult team members

4. Strategies to manage difficult team members

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