Jamaican Patwah for Beginners

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Jamaican Patwah for Beginners, Learn the language, explore and embrace the culture.

Jamaican Patwah for Beginners is the best Jamaican Patwah learning course designed by a Jamaican for people all around the world. This fun and exciting course will get you ready to effectively communicate with the Jamaican locals. You will be exposed to the definition of Patwah, it’s cultural significance and practical ways to use the language.

Get ready to learn basic greetings, understand slangs, interpret Jamaican proverbs and sayings, translate reggae and dancehall songs by Bob Marley, Shaggy and Sean Paul and enjoy an original dub poetry performance by the tutor.

The short and spicy lectures entail Jamaican travel vocabulary and travel tips that can be used from the day you arrive at the airport to navigating your way around the island. Enjoy the humorous and real-life Jamaican scenarios presented in the form of short skits for fun and memory retention.

You will be exposed to the different Jamaican accents and everyday conversations that will help with your listening and general Patwah comprehension skills.

Are you are a member of the diaspora, a Jamaican national who haven’t visited the island in a while, from another nationality but loves and embraces the Jamaican culture?

Do you wish to communicate with family and friends in Patwah? Do you want to be able to understand your Jamaican co-workers or partner? Yes? Well, this course is for you.

Cheat sheets, PDF downloads, free Jamaican magazine, quizzes and brawta (bonus) videos included!

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