How To Easily Make Internet News Videos Step By Step

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How To Easily Make Internet News Videos Step By Step, Be a Digital Soldier Or A Unique Influencer With Your Own Channel/s. This simple technique created over 1m views on YT.

This course teaches a proven video creation formula so you can become an Influencer on the Internet, or a “Digital Soldier” as Gen. Flynn has said.

Other than a desire to create your own Internet channel and create videos on any subject or category of your choice, you do not need past experience in any media, or any formal training  as a reporter to become an Influencer or what some call a Citizen Journalist.

It’s very simple.

If you want to stand out with  exceptional videos, this course will guide you through all the necessary steps to achieving that goal.

About The Instructor and This Step-By-Step Course :-

Having worked in all news media, starting in 1960, over 10 years ago Michael Knight began specializing in Internet journalism.

In particular, since 2017 he focused on creating news videos as what is now known as a Citizen Journalist.

This then  is a step-by-step course teaching you the unique video creation formula he developed and used on his YouTube channel.

Over time, those videos generated more than a million views, and as many as 20,000 subscribers.

In structuring this course, he started from the perspective of being a beginner himself – doing his best to see things from the student’s point of view and then creating each of the many elements of video production.

He combines video lectures and illustrated downloadable transcripts so you can learn, step-by-step, and at your own pace.

Because you can be a citizen journalist or build an audience as an Influencer without formal training, this course focuses on the techniques that simplify the production of videos. Simple can be very powerful.

What You Will Learn

There are at least 2 1/2 hours of video lessons in this course, divided into articles and video tutorials that show you exactly what is involved with each new element of this unique video production formula.

You will learn

  • What free software is recommended.
  • What microphones and headphones are necessary.
  • What video editing software is required.
  • How to structure a news (or product) video report.
  • How to find essential supporting images and videos on the Internet.
  • How to recraft and edit those images and videos.
  • Creating overlays, montages and picture-in-picture stills and videos.
  • How to record and edit voice reports for your videos.
  • The use of teleprompter software (if you choose).
  • The use of video capture software.
  • Multiple tutorials on using the essential Filmora video editing software.
  • How to create an opening Title for your personal channel.
  • How to enhance your video with “lower thirds” (text bottom of screen).
  • How to save your work in a format suitable for uploading to any Internet channel.
  • How to safeguard your work by creating multiple channels on the Internet.
  • What hosting services and options are available for monetizing your work.
  • The potential for an ongoing passive income.
  • And much more ….

Michael Knight.

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