Mastering Apache Jmeter

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Mastering Apache Jmeter, Application Performance test , creating Automated flows for login and user actions.

This course is ideal for software testers, developers, and quality assurance professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in assessing and optimizing the performance of web applications

We will be covering the below-mentioned things and more.

  1. Getting Started with Apache JMeter:
    • Install and set up Apache JMeter on your system.
    • Navigate the JMeter interface and understand its key components.
  2. Creating Your First Test Plan:
    • Learn to design and create a basic test plan in JMeter.
    • Define user scenarios and set up thread groups to simulate user behaviour.
  3. HTTP and HTTPS Test Scenarios:
    • Dive into the specifics of testing HTTP and HTTPS protocols.
  4. Performance Metrics and Assertions:
    • Explore key performance metrics and understand how to interpret the results.
    • Implement assertions to validate the correctness of server responses.
  5. Load Testing Strategies:
    • Learn load-testing strategies to simulate realistic user loads and scenarios.
    • Configure and fine-tune thread groups, pacing, and ramp-up times.
  6. Stress Testing and Beyond:
    • Understand the concept of stress testing and its significance.
    • Identify and address bottlenecks by analyzing test results.
  7. Functional Testing with JMeter:
    • Explore JMeter’s capabilities for functional testing.
    • Create test scripts to validate the functionality of web applications.
  8. Scripting and Customization:
    • Dive into advanced scripting techniques for creating complex test scenarios.
    • Customize JMeter elements to meet specific testing requirements.
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