Mastering Microsoft Excel – Basics Blended with Advanced

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Mastering Microsoft Excel – Basics Blended with Advanced, Microsoft Excel As A Solid Foundation for Data Analysis.

Mastering Microsoft Excel in a unique way of combining different levels of skills. The course is a good foundation for data analysis en-route to skills for Business Intelligence applications. The students will have will guided by steps on how to accomplish a stated objective. At the end of the lecture, there will be some hand-on assignment that the student must attempt to cement the gained knowledge and skills. The training course starts by introducing you to common functionalities of  spreadsheet processing which are data sorting, data filtering and then formula auditing. Thereafter, the course presents more data analytical lessons such as pivot tables and pivot charts, interactive excel dashboard with slicers and timelines for interactive data analysis. At the end the course brings the common excel functions and wind up with advanced excel functions. Where there is a video tutorial, the students are encouraged to watch and follow the steps demonstrated in the video. Other topics has bonus tasks, students must make sure they have attempted. In some lessons, there are some challenging tasks which are labelled as ‘Diving Deep’. Once a student is able to do and interpret ‘diving deep’ assignments then definitely the student has reached mastery level for that lesson

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