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Learn Basics of QloApps, Uncover the features and functionalities of QloApps: : A Free All-in-One Hotel Solution.

If you are looking for a course that can teach you how to build and launch a booking website for your property and manage your property efficiently, then this course is for you!

This comprehensive Udemy Course will empower you with the skills and knowledge that you need to proficiently manage your hotels and their reservations using QloApps.

QloApps is a free and open-source software that provides hoteliers with a Property Management System, Booking Website, and Booking Engine.

It will save you time, cost, and workforce to build, launch, and manage your online booking website.
Using this software you can easily establish your hotel business online presence and increase its global reach.

No matter how big or small your property is, QloApps will be beneficial for you!

Whether you’re a hotel owner, manager, or aspiring professional in the hospitality industry, this course will guide you through the essential features and functionalities of QloApps, helping you streamline your hotel operations and enhance the overall guest experience.

Course Highlights:

  • Overview of QloApps:  Explore QloApps, its components, and its role in modern hotel management.
  • Property Management:  Dive into the details of configuring your hotel in QloApps. Learn how you can add your properties in the software and list them on your booking website.
  • Room Type Management: Learn how you can list your room types in QloApps. Find out the process to add your room type and its various details such as price, inventory, services, features, etc on your booking website.
  • Services Management:  Understand how to add and customize services that you offer in your hotel on your booking website, ensuring your guests can book the services they want during their stay at the time when they book your rooms.
  • General Website Configuration: Explore steps to configure the components of your website including its logo, cover image, header, footer, and navigation bar as per your brand’s identity.

By the end of this course, you’ll have the confidence and expertise to leverage QloApps as a powerful tool for hotel management, enhancing efficiency, increasing bookings, and delivering an exceptional guest experience.

Enroll now and unlock the potential of QloApps for your hotel’s success!

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