Hashicorp vagrant with parallels hypervisor

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Hashicorp vagrant with parallels hypervisor, Learn how to build local development environments step by step.

Learn how to use Vagrant with Parallels hypervisor on MacOS. Parallels was chosen because it works well on all operating systems including MacOS M1 processor.

Vagrant is an open source tool that allows you to create and manage virtual environments.

Vagrant is a useful tool to abstract complexities of hypervisors.
Vagrant provides a simple command line that makes managing VMs easier. It doesn’t matter which hypervisor you choose because Vagrant will work seamlessly with minimum to no changes to its configuration on most well known hypervisors.

Vagrant’s main focus is on creating development environments that can be shared between teams.

In this course you will learn how to automate the boring stuff using Vagrant steps by step. Most probably you will want to use more virtual machines at once for more complex setups so networking with vagrant virtual machines is explained.

In todays world of automate everything, the development starts from local environments. Vagrant makes development environments by automating the repetitive tasks.

This course is for everyone who wants to learn how Vagrant with Parallels works using MacOS. It is aimed at beginners and requires minimum knowledge of linux and MacOS.

The content in this course is complementary to the official Hashicorp documentation.

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