Circuit Core Basic Course (CCBC)

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Circuit Core Basic Course (CCBC), Basic CS Switched Core Network Architecture.

Welcome to CCBC (CCIC Module 1): Circuit Core Basics, an introductory course that provides essential knowledge of Circuit Core in telecommunications. In this module, our focus is on circuit core nodes, where you will learn about different nodes such as MSC (Mobile Switching Center), MGW (Media Gateway), HLR (Home Location Register), and more.

There is no pre-requisite to this course. The course is meant for engineering students, graduates, interns, telecom engineers and enthusiasts.

CCBC is designed to lay a strong foundation in Circuit Core, familiarizing students with the fundamental concepts and components of this vital domain. By delving into the core nodes, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of their roles, functionalities, and their significance in supporting circuit-switched telecommunication services.

Throughout this course, you will explore various circuit core nodes such as the MSC, which acts as a central hub for call switching and routing in mobile networks. You will also dive into the MGW, which serves as a bridge between circuit-switched and packet-switched networks, enabling seamless voice and multimedia communication.

Additionally, we will cover the HLR, which is responsible for storing subscriber data and managing their mobility within the network. – Other nodes either physical or logical will be learnt as well.

Circuit Core Basic Course (CCBC)
Circuit Core Basic Course (CCBC)
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