Building Your First 2D Game with Cocos Creator (Part Two)

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Building Your First 2D Game with Cocos Creator (Part Two), Continuing our journey with Cocos Creator.

We finish our game so that you have a completed game you can share with friends and family and have you ready to build your own 2D games. Just make sure you do this section after you finish part 1.

If you have finished part 1, then you are ready to finish this game with our second part and final part.

In this final section, we’ll be ending the work we did. This includes a few more sections:

  • Learning about a node pool
  • Hit detection in Cocos Creator
  • Finalizing the logic for the game
  • Adding sound effects to the game

Once you’ve figured out everything, go ahead and play with the code, assets, sounds, and more to personalize the game for yourself. We’ll give you a few ideas in the final section.

If you get stuck, remember that the full source code is available in the Cocos Store. So make sure to look for it if you have trouble. It also comes with an ebook that is filled with everything you need to know and understand about the entire project. Thanks for being a creator with Cocos, the open-source game engine company used by AAA developers and indies for over 10 years!

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