ITIL Capacity & Availability: Optimization

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ITIL Capacity & Availability: Optimization, A practical guide to ITIL Capacity & Availability application in reality – some ITIL and business crossover.

Interested in a career in capacity and availability?

Already running these services but want some guidance on how they could be optimized?


ITIL Capacity & Availability is often merged with other roles to achieve the outcomes of the service. However if done right can be a full time role in itself that brings the organization some strong return on investments.

This course focusses on:

1.  How you would start up this service in an organization Рstarting from manual ways of working.

2. What discovery work you should do to understand the scale of your job

3. Make you think about logistics- how are you going to get data? What data is valuable? 

4.  The course will also focus on strategic considerations to Рwhere is your service going and how are you going to road map it.

5. There is also some policy and process considerations to.

If purchased you will also gain access to templates for policy and processes , saving you time and some effort!

My focus is always on practical application rather than ITIL theory. The services I create have ITIL principles in mind, so the course focusses on actual set up of services, along with considering how your service sits not only as a ‘technical’ role, but is a conduit to business and can provide a strong business support value when looking for cost saving opportunities.

I hope you enjoy the course!

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