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IT Recruiter Training, IT terminology, hardware and cloud tech basics, compensation and benefits trends in IT, ATS and recruitment metrics.

We will review four main topics in this short course. This content is relevant for you if you are new to tech recruitment or you are an active professional who wants to refresh his knowledge or who is interested in getting a 3-level certification with a passing exam and a certificate with distinction. This course content is part of Level 1 (Associate) certification.

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The first module “IT Terminology” focuses on the introduction of Information Technology and the popular terms in this domain.

  • The Story of Information Technology
  • Five top influencing people
  • IT functions map

The second module “Basics of Hardware” tells more about the hardware technologies, from the PC components to the modern cloud-based tech.

  • Hardware vs Software
  • PC components
  • Servers and cloud tech
  • OS

In the third module “Salary and Benefits Trends”, you will learn about salary and benefits trends, how to benchmark salaries, and what are the different policies around compensation.

  • Defining Comp & Ben
  • Emerging trends in Comp&Ben
  • Factors influencing salary ranges
  • Benchmarking salaries
  • Compensations policies
  • Benefits trends for the tech market
  • Case Study

Module four “ATS and Metrics” covers the functionalities of an ATS (applicant tracking system) and the popular Recruitment Metrics.

  • ATS functionalities
  • Recruitment Metrics
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