Modern Internal Audit Leadership

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Modern Internal Audit Leadership, Unmasking true corporate value-addition through governance, innovation and relationships (With Free E-Transcript Manual).

This course explores the critical role of internal audit leadership in driving the corporate agenda of their functions and how they can effectively position internal audit at the pinnacle of value-addition un the organisation. The course endeavours to unmask the factors that make internal audit effective and a true value addition to the organisation.  From defining the hidden role of internal audit, effective functional leadership, to board communication, the course delves into the critical but not-so-obvious elements of corporate governance, corporate culture, team leadership, personal and team development, auditing standards, and building strong relationships with management and the board of directors.

Beyond industry and global agents of change, the course seeks to integrate the professional mandate of internal audit with the modern industry and economic dynamics which no longer get identified by the traditional approach to internal audit, but rather through the modern lens of change and intentional adaptation.

The internal audit leader (CAE) is the main focus of this course, to ensure they become the agents of change in their own teams and departments before attempting to spearhead audacious transformation of the business. Modern internal audit leaders understand that ‘people’ are the most critical agents of change, and they intentionally spend more time in cultivating valuable relationships with both decision makers and process owners to ensure that internal audit advisories have a strong fan base across the enterprise.

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