Banking 101 – Introduction to the Banking System

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Banking 101 – Introduction to the Banking System, Learn the foundation of banking, bank’s different products & services, internal structure, interest types & much more.

Hello everyone!

This course (Banking 101 – Introduction to the Banking System) includes comprehensive materials that are helpful in giving you an overall solid banking background to help you in your day-to-day banking transactions and financial decisions.

The course covers beginner and Intermediary level of information about the banking industry from an insiders perspective. You are going to take away different approaches at understanding bank’s roles, its various financial solutions (In theory & practice) and other competing financial services providers.

By the end of this course, you will fully understand bank’s types and functions, and different jobs inside of a bank along with their responsibilities and location in the bank’s internal structure.

You will know how to calculate your Loan’s monthly payment, in addition to your Credit Card and Overdraft’s interest. Furthermore, you will get to know the difference between them and which is better catered to meet your financial needs.

You will fully understand what does an Interest mean. Also, you will be able to differentiate between Debit and Credit Interest, get oriented with the most common interest types.

We also covered in this course the uplifting current challenges that banks face and their driving forces for banks to go extinct.

See you all in the course  😉

Banking 101 – Introduction to the Banking System
Banking 101 – Introduction to the Banking System
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