ELISA principals and applications for professionals

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ELISA principals and applications for professionals, ELISA fundementals.

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent Assay  (ELISA)

ELISA from fundamentals of immune system and the history of the

analytical assay prior to the invention of ELISA to the materials of choice for

fabrication of the platforms, possible biomolecular interactions, different protocols,

and evaluation parameters among the rest. This book guides Readers through different steps of the analytical assay while familiarizing them with the possible

sources of error in the assay. The course offers detailed insights on the immobilization techniques used for protein attachment, different methods for evaluation

of the assay and calculation of the key important parameters in the analytical assay

such as sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, and limit of detection. Advantages and

shortages of the conventional ELISA as well as different attempts for improvement

of its performance are covered in this book. Merging and intergrading different

technologies with widely known ELISA have opened numerous windows of

opportunity to the advancement of this immunoassay. In that respect, the current

book provides the latest updates on integrated platforms such as ELISpot, plasmonic ELISA, sphere-/bead-based ELISAs, paper-/fiber-based ELISAs as well as

ELISA in micro-devices.

Fundamentals and History of ELISA

Evolution of the Immunoassays Until Invention of ELISA

Principles of the Immune System

Biomolecular Interactions Between Antibody and Antigen . . .

General Overviews on Applications of ELISA . . .

Step by Step with ELISA: Mechanism of Operation, Crucial

Elements, Different Protocols, and Insights on Immobilization

and Detection of Various Biomolecular Entities . . . . . . . . .

Evaluation of the Detection Results Obtained from ELISA . . .

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