Bandhu Kriya (R) and Yoga Knowledge bits

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Bandhu Kriya (R) and Yoga Knowledge bits, A powerful Kriya Yoga Technique for improved learnability and overall balance.

Kriya Yoga refers to a specific path of yoga outlined by the sage Patanjali in his foundational text on yoga philosophy – Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are a collection of aphorisms that provide guidance on the practice of yoga and the path to spiritual realization.

The practice of Kriya Yoga typically involves techniques for controlling the life force or prana within the body through breath control and specific meditation practices in a sequence.

This course is about Bandhu Kriya a powerful Kriya Yoga technique developed by Bharvi Consulting and a registered .  This Kriya Yoga technique helps any individual to develop harmony and awareness to get balance in life. This helps on multiple fronts from controlling your habitual patterns, improve your learning ability, concentration and overall success in any endeavors.  Additionally, this course shares knowledge about the role and support of Ayurveda for Yoga. The path to wellness through nutrition, exercise and fasting approach is also discussed that makes this course complete from all angles for improving general wellness.

The training topics are as below:

1. Introduction and Context

2. Bandhu Kriya Steps

3. Performing Bandhu Kriya

4. Yoga Knowledge Bits

5. Support of Ayurveda for Yoga

6. Nutrition and wellness

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