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GRE – GMAT | Advanced Learners | Math Marathon, Hundreds of medium to advanced level word problems of GRE & GMAT quantitative section.

This course is the final preparation for your GRE & GMAT test day. Not all questions in this course are difficult and not all questions are easy, but this course includes all those tricky concepts which are often tested on the quantitative part of these tests. This course is not designed for beginners. You only purchase it if you have basic knowledge of all word problem concepts. If you are just starting to prepare, I’d recommend you buy my other basic course GRE| Quantitative| Master Course or GMAT | Quantitative| Math Master Course along with this course.

There is always a concept or two that does not fall under any specific and defined category of either GRE or GMAT topics. Those topics can only be learned by solving related questions. I have tried to address all those grey areas of GRE & GMAT that can not be taught topic by topic. First of all, 165 questions have been solved that have been divided into 4 sections. These 4 sections consist of questions from a variety of areas like percentages, ratios & proportions, averages, probability, geometry, rate, and IQ & logical type of questions. Most questions are solved using shortcut techniques and some questions are solved using both shortcuts and conventional long methods to give you complete idea of the underlying concept. Most of the time, what happens is that student does not understand the logic behind the shortcut. Though it’s not necessary that you know this logic, but it increases the confidence level on your D-day.

This is the start of a long journey. I don’t know how far it will go and I also don’t know how long will it take to complete this journey but the near target is a 50+ hour-long course that will surely consist of more than 1000 GRE GMAT level questions.

For now, I have only included the problem-solving questions but later on I will also include questions from Quantitative comparison section and Data Sufficiency section.

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