Graphic Design Theory – Color & Contrast.

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Graphic Design Theory – Color & Contrast., Elevate your designs with the magic of color and contrast.

Course Title: Graphic Design Theory – Color & Contrast


Unlock the secrets of captivating visual communication with our comprehensive course on Graphic Design Theory – Color & Contrast. Whether you’re a budding designer or a seasoned professional, this course is your pathway to mastering the art of color and contrast in design projects.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Fundamentals of Color: Delve into the science, terminology, and psychological impact of color, understanding its role as a powerful language in design.
  • Color Harmony and Palettes: Explore the color wheel, relationships between colors, and principles for creating impactful palettes that tell stories and evoke emotions.
  • Mastering Contrast in Design: Learn to wield various types of contrast, ensuring your designs are not only visually striking but also accessible according to industry standards.
  • Putting Color & Contrast into Practice: Analyze case studies, engage in hands-on exercises, and receive constructive feedback to apply your knowledge in real-world design scenarios.
  • Advanced Techniques and Trends:

    Explore cutting-edge techniques, experiment with emerging trends, and envision the future of design with augmented reality and virtual reality.

Who Should Enroll:

  • Graphic Designers, both beginners and experienced professionals
  • Creative individuals passionate about visual communication
  • Anyone eager to elevate their design skills through the strategic use of color and contrast


Basic graphic design knowledge, computer literacy, and access to design software.

Join us on this exciting journey to transform your design projects from ordinary to extraordinary with the magic of color and contrast!

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