A Hands-on Guide to Practical Use of Generative AI

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A Hands-on Guide to Practical Use of Generative AI, Enabling Non-Designers and Creatives to Generate Custom Visual Assets for Any Project or Idea.

This free course is designed to demonstrate the practical applications of generative AI through a detailed exploration of creating visual assets for a specific project, from the initial concept to practical application. It takes participants on a comprehensive journey, starting with initial research, progressing to the creation of the first prompt, and culminating in the development of initial visuals and characters, all while maintaining consistent brand imagery. This process is then extended to crafting real-life applications, providing a blueprint that can be adapted for your own objectives or projects.

By delving into various use cases and parameters, this course aims to provide a solid foundation in understanding when and how to effectively employ generative art, whether for professional endeavors or personal projects. It is particularly well-suited for non-designers in need of generating visual assets, including business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, and educators. Additionally, for designers, this course offers an introduction to how generative art can be utilized to create preliminary mood boards, facilitate the ideation process, and enhance testing methodologies.

Through this course, participants will gain valuable insights into the entire lifecycle of visual asset creation, leveraging generative art to transform abstract ideas into tangible, visually compelling assets. This journey not only highlights the potential of generative art to revolutionize the design process but also empowers individuals across various fields to harness this technology, enhancing their creative output and effectiveness.

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