Nonprofit Grant Writing From a Team Who has Raised Funds

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Nonprofit Grant Writing From a Team Who has Raised Funds, Nonprofit Funding, Nonprofit Grant Writing, Nonprofit budgeting, Nonprofit Tools.

Imagine having an exciting career that gives you the opportunity to love what you are doing while making the world a better place.  Working in a nonprofit is incredibly rewarding and think of all the lives that you can impact !!

Do you feel inspired to use your passion to help others?  Would you like to change the lives of others?

In this Nonprofit Fundraising and Grant writing course, we take the financial side and make it fun and easy.

You have BIG DREAMS – and we want to help you get there.

There are about 1.8 million active nonprofit organizations in the United States. These include all sorts of nonprofits, not just 501(c)(3) charities. When people ask how many nonprofits are in the US, oftentimes they are referring to charities, versus nonprofits as a whole. For example, they don’t want to include country clubs or labor unions. To narrow down to just charities, we only look at 501(c)(3) nonprofits that can receive tax-decuctible donations, and exclude hospitals and universities (because people often colloquially don’t refer to them as charities). There are 1.4 million active charities in the United States. (source Cause IQ)

From nonprofit basics to free and low-cost tools to get you started, to where to find funding – We have you COVERED.

Learn from people who have raised FUNDS across the USA for all kinds of nonprofits.

Modules –

Introduction to Nonprofit Fundraising

Nonprofit Funding – All the Sources

How to Get your Board and Team Involved

What is a Letter of Inquiry and How to Write One

Grant Writing – Step by Step

How to Create a Nonprofit Budget

Free and Low-Cost Tools for your Nonprofit

Wrap-up and Next Steps

Join us for an engaging look at Nonprofit Fundraising with Step by Step -how-to guides.

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